Fishing From a Kayak

If you are taking your kayak out on the river for the first time, give yourself time to get used to the dynamics of getting in and out, paddling the kayak before collecting your gear and selecting a suitable fishing spot.

There are many articles to be found on perfecting your paddling stroke in a kayak; this can help you conserve energy. Nevertheless, as long as you can paddle effectively, you are free to begin fishing after understanding a few key principles and best practices.

Unlike a conventional boat, you will want the kayak parallel to the shallow shoreline as you are boarding and alighting. Once inside you will use your paddles or body weight to push off into the water.

Once in the water practice leaning as far to each side as you can without tipping the boat. Different kayaks are designed for different purposes, and certain designs are built for greater stability.  These are the best river fishing kayaks.

This would be a good time to practice standing and sitting in your kayak. If your kayak is not stable enough for standing, you may want to consider doing all your fishing in the sitting position, which is just fine.

Take a moment to imagine you are already fishing. As you can see the kayak has limited room to set out your fishing paraphernalia. Decide how you will best lay out all your items before you begin. Stage or stow your fishing rods along the side of the kayak. Make sure that your pliers, tackle and drinks are easy to reach. Be sure to adjust your set for optimal efficiency and plan to use the same layout or a similar one each time.

When you are all set, head out to a good spot and begin fishing. Landing a fish in a kayak is a very exciting experience and surprisingly easy as you will use the length of the rod to your advantage. Remember to keep your movements slow, smooth and fluid. Don’t excite the kayak too much or it will tip.

Bring the fish right to the side of your kayak where you can help it into the net without too much movement. Never lunge out and try to grab at a fish as this can result in the loss of fish, tackle, hat, GoPro and anything else you had on deck. Netting the fish is always the easiest way to accomplish the task in a kayak. You want to check out the Best Fishing Kayaks for information on a good boat that will help you land fish. They are also on Blogspot.

Finally, boating alone is potentially dangerous, and a buddy system is always the best way to go about it. Never head out on the water without letting someone know where you will be and when you will be back.